About BGYC

Barns Green Youth Club is an independent youth club which started life in 2005 having it’s first committee meeting in 2006.

BGYC is a success which is due to the hard work of our volunteers our exceptional staff and of course the young people who have been attending for more than 10 years.
Our youth worker is a highly trained professional supplied by West Sussex Clubs For Young People

The main aim of the Youth Club is to provide social and educational facilities and opportunities for all local young people aged 11-16  to help them to develop physically, mentally and spiritually and mature as individuals and members of society and to learn how to safely enjoy themselves.
We are dedicated to supporting young people to realise their potential.

The group has grown starting with monthly meetings for around 10 young people aged 12 to 16, to weekly meetings.
After a short time financial support was provided by West Sussex County Council, in 2011 West Sussex County Council withdrew their funding and we now receive no support from them.
We charge the young people £3.00 per session to cover the cost of hiring The Village Hall.
The club is able to run as it receives support from The Parish Council, The Half Marathon, Billingshurst and District Lions Club & some anonymous donors.

We also apply for grants if we need any new equipment,  this is challenging as most grants only cover capital expenses, the clubs biggest expense is human resources, however the club is enthusiastically supported by the Parish Council, without the assistance it provides it would be more than challenging for the club to survive.

The club costs a total of £4300 to run per year, if you can help in anyway physical or financial please contact BGYC using the contact page or email help@bgyc.co.uk

The youth club is held in The Village Hall in Barns Green Horsham every Thursday excluding Half Term, Christmas, Summer etc.

Barns Green Village Hall
Muntham Drive
Barns Green
Nr Horsham
West Sussex

Sat Nav – RH13 0NH
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