Safe Guarding and Young People Protection Policy

Barns Green Youth Club Safe Guarding and Young People Protection Policy   Revised 09 June 2016

Every child or young person, defined as any person under the age of 18, who attends Barns Green Youth Club shall be able to take part in activities in a safe environment protected from abuse. This is the responsibility of every adult involved in the Barns Green Youth Club.

Barns Green Youth Club recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying. Barns Green Youth Club is committed to working to provide a safe environment for all children and young people to participate in the activities provided to the best of their abilities for as long as they choose to do so.   Barns Green Youth Club’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Protection policy principles are:

  • To ensure that the child’s/young person’s welfare is, and must always be, the paramount consideration.
  • To ensure that all children and young people are protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, faith or sexual orientation
  • To raise awareness of child protection issues and help equip children/young people with the skills needed to keep them safe
  • To respond to any suspicion of potential abuse in a way which respects the child’s/young person’s rights and reinforces the adult’s responsibilities to the child/young person
  • To provide safe practice in the recruitment, selection and vetting of staff and volunteers to ensure their suitability to work with children/young people.

We recognise that because of the regular contact with children/young people, the Youth Worker in Charge is well placed to observe the outward signs of abuse. BGYC will therefore:

  • Establish and maintain an environment where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk, and are listened to
  • Ensure children know that there are adults in the Barns Green Youth Club whom they can approach if they are worried
  • Include opportunities in the Youth Club programme for children/young people to develop the skills they need to recognise and stay safe from abuse


We will follow the procedures set out by Local Safeguarding Children Board and take account of guidance issued by the Department for Education and Skills to:

  • Ensure we have a designated committee member for child protection who has received appropriate training and support for this role
  • Ensure we have a nominated committee member responsible for child protection
  • Ensure every member of the team knows the name of the designated senior person responsible for child protection and their role
  • Ensure all staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities in being alert to the signs of abuse and their responsibility for referring any concerns to the designated committee member responsible for child protection


Barns Green Youth Club is committed to working in partnership with the Police, Children’s Services Departments, and the West Sussex Safeguarding  Board in accordance with their procedures. This is essential to enable these organisations to carry out their statutory duties to investigate concerns and protect all children and young people.

All details of concerns, progress case conferences etc. are confidential and will not be discussed with anybody not authorised to have this information.

If you are in any doubt about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person in an emergency situation, telephone the Police – 999. *

MASH -Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub:

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub
Fourth Floor
County Hall North (Parkside)
Chart Way
West Sussex
RH12 1XH

  • Additional information

Phone: 033 022 26664 out of office hours (5.00pm to 8.00am weekdays) and for emergencies at weekends and bank holidays (24 hours). When you contact us you will speak to a qualified social worker.

Designated Safeguarding Children Nurse: 07770 800 247