Week 1: The first week in this edition was a regular, relaxing week. There was a board game being played in the back room, whilst in the front, the members could play computer games on lap-tops and the Xbox, or play the much more traditional game of pool. For some of the football fanatics in the group, there was a television on which they could watch the big match with their fa-vourite teams. The younger members enjoyed running around the club chasing each other and playing fun games like Hide and Seek as well. As usual, the Tuck Shop was open, selling all kinds of sweet and delicious goods the provide energy for lots

Week 2: The second week was also packed full of fun and games. There were a few less people than there ordinarily are, so our leader Anne decided to play some party games. Musical chairs is always a favourite at Christmas and Halloween parties, so it was no surprise that playing it was the high-light of the night for most people. At the very end, Anne invented her own game, called dodgeball skittles. The aim was to use the dodgeballs to knock over the opponent’s skittles, whilst trying to keep yours up. The game ended in Weald vs Tanbridge chaos with The Weald becoming the eventual winners of what was a thrilling game.
By Morgan Walmisley-Davies

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