Fortnightly Newsletter Issue no. 7

Week 1: This week, the brilliant Sarah Foster came to the club to teach the members how to dance. The dance session covered several modern tracks like Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”, as well as lesser-known disco tracks like the internet phenomena “Sandstorm” by Darude. The evening was very highenergy, with most members being completely exhausted aftr a couple of dances. However, each dance was great fun and encouraged members who would not usually do so to get active and participate more in the community of the club. Don’t forget that Sarah runs classes for youngsters at Coolham Village Hall, so if your child was interested by the dance, they are welcome to go along.

Week 2: The second week of fun involved everybody’s favourite way to look silly, face painting. Most of the members of the club were new to the art of face-painting, but despite this managed to make some fantastic designs, from butterflIes to a war paint effect. Many diffrent embers gave it a go, and it gave them a chance to show their more creative side, which could otherwise not be used much. The evening was a huge success and I’m sure that it will happen again in the near future due to it’s popularity and success. Below is an image of one member, Chelsea Cooper, with a n array of bright colours emblazoned on her forehead. By Morgan Walmisley-Davies

Due to privacy pictures are excluded, sorry.
Will Hallet waves to the camera with excitement at the end
of a high-energy evening.
Sarah dances with Gemma
Pratt and another member.

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