Newsletter April 2015

Week 1: On the week before Easter, the Youth Club had a egg hunt. Small eggs were hidden throughout the club, and it was our job to find a maximum and two each and, of course, eat them! After the “egg”citement of the hunt, there were games like Jenga set up around the club to play. Jenga has been a firm Youth Club favourite for a long while now, as it’s fun to build towers as well as playing the game! Table tennis and table football were open for those who like sport, and the computers were around for those who prefer to live in a more digi-talised world. Of course, the Tuck Shop was open too.
Week 2: On the second week, the members of club were let into the great outdoors for the day. In the Summer, the Youth Club often lets the members outdoors, so that they can play with a variety of outdoor toys, mess about in the park or play a big sports game. This evening, a football game was set up, and the more sporty mem-bers had a good old-fashioned kickabout. The club was still open for those who wanted to visit the fantastic Tuck Shop or play a game of pool, but most of the club stayed out and enjoyed the sun while it lasted.
By Morgan Walmisley-Davies
A member goes for a perfect shot in table tennis
The Jenga tower got demolished

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