Newsletter Issue 5 February 2015

Week 1: On our first week there was an intense and thrilling one-a-side football tournament for everyone who wanted to take part, from first-timers to the youth club professionals. In the end of what was a tense and in-credibly close to call final, the winner was Sam Coxon, one of the club’s more experience players. You can see Sam playing in his final encounter with Connor Blanchard below. Other highlights from the tournament include a match between Luke Hill and Ross Muncer, which can also be seen in this edition of the newsletter. Many of the boys at the club have football fever, so it is likely that we will have many more exciting battles for victory in future months to come.

Week 2: The next week, sev-eral fun games such as twister were set up for the youth club members to enjoy, but per-haps more importantly, I was pancake night! Pancake night has become an annual event at the club, and definitely a firm favourite, for both the older members and the new-bies. The hardest thing about this night of fun was what to top your pancake with! Some went with the classic combi-nation of lemon and sugar, whilst others (including my-self) munched on a Canadian-style maple syrup treat. It must also be said that some pancakes were a little more successful than others! Excuse the pun, but I thought pan-cake night was flippin’ marvel-lous!
By Morgan Walmisley-Davies

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