Newsletter May 2015

Week 1: On the first week, the members of the club were let outside again. This time, we were allowed to play a brand new game invented by the fantastic leader Anne. The objective was to whack the opponent with a swimming noodle, as though you were playing the medieval sport of jousting. The game was a huge success, and drew in members of all age groups. As well as this, more traditional games like football were being played all around the field, which is an open space so the members are free to run around and play games that they have made up as well. Below is a picture of the brand new game.
Week 2: In the second week, running up to the much-anticipated General Election, we held a mini one in the Youth Club. Despite being a Conservative constituency, the members voted for La-bour to win. The noodles were out again, so that we could play another match of jousting, but it ended up being a fun brawl, with a large number of members from nearly all year groups joining the fight. Classic sports were set up too, like tennis, for the aspiring Andy Murrays and Maria Sharapovas. Of course computers, table football and pool remained indoors for those less keen on the great outdoors.
By Morgan Walmisley-Davies

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